Nuvera’s Takeaways from CBI’s Patient Support Services Conference

CBI hosted their Patient Support Services Conference on June 19-20, 2019 in Philadelphia, PA. Nuvera was proud to be both a sponsor and presenter at this year’s conference. The title of our presentation was “Knowing Where to Invest – Understanding Experience Drivers Impact on HCP Satisfaction.” The presentation highlighted insights learned from the PURE Report – Oncology, a Patient Services customer satisfaction survey conducted in the oncology segment. PURE stands for Patient services Utilization, Recognition and Experience. Key take-aways from the presentation included:

  1. How each of the the 7 PURE indices drive HCP satisfaction in dealing with Patient Support Programs (PSPs) – and the importance of on-going satisfaction monitoring
  2. The need for a holistic, structured and on-going approach to PSP assessments
  3. Where the combination of customer insights and a standardized approach to assessing the strategy & promotion, operations and performance management of your PSP can lead to focused action plans – and ultimately a better customer experience

The presentation also highlighted Nuvera’s Patient Services Capability Maturity Model that reviewed the steps a PSP can step through to lead to innovation, program compliance and operational efficiency.

Along with our presentation CBI focused their agenda in two areas: ensuring compliance and strengthening customized services to drive operational efficiencies. Please reach out to one of us for further details on the following topics:

  • Compliance – A number of presentations focused on guidance related to the laws and regulations in providing compliant patient services support, specifically around:
    • Ensuring transparency in contributions to 501(c)(3)
    • Compliance considerations for SPP Contracting and Distribution
    • Structure in developing a compliant nurse educator program
    • Navigating the differences in providing assistance to government vs. commercial patients
  • Driving Operational Efficiency – Information presented reinforced the need for on-going program assessment across a number of different areas:
    • The pros and cons of different support service models for your PSP.  Factors to consider include organizational size, the therapeutic areas you are competing in, the specific needs within the specific patient population and the level of customer and data ‘ownership’ your organization wants to undertake
    • Leverage data to improve patient adherence to understand the root causes of primary and secondary non-adherence
    • Optimize Advocate-Pharma relations to enrich the patient experience
    • Thoughtful considerations for development and execution of Nurse Educator Field Teams

CBI’s 2019 Patient Support Services Conference provided a forum for approximately 100 industry stakeholders to share and exchange ideas on ways to continuously improve the patient experience.

About Nuvera:

Nuvera dedicates itself to helping specialty pharmaceutical, biotech and rare disease companies to design and deliver a seamless patient and HCP experience for specialty therapies. Over the last 8 years, Nuvera has helped over 15 pharmaceutical companies to create and implement leading Patient-Centric solutions across 24 specialty therapeutic areas that received over 10 U.S. and Global excellence awards.

Nuvera services include the following:
• Uncover and crystalize patient and healthcare provider (HCP) needs
• Design impactful patient/HCP support experiences
• Build patient support programs and capabilities
• Optimize program performance

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