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PURE Engagement

Independent industry benchmark of patient and HCP satisfaction, utilization, and evolving needs across patient support programs

Enable Pharma & Biotech Companies to Deliver an Enhanced Patient & HCP Experience

PURE Engagement is the only standardized, annual, & independent assessment of HCP satisfaction with pharmaceutical company’s patient support services and its industry ranking among competition.

PURE Engagement helps you:

Recognize HCP preferences, ways of working, and trends for how they want to engage with pharma support programs

Identify areas of opportunity to focus efforts in areas of greatest customer and organizational need

Secure appropriate resourcing by providing leadership insight into why investments are required

Know how you compare to other programs to support investments and strategic planning

Ensure long-term impact as the annual report allows for ongoing benchmarking supporting investments & decision making

“The PURE Engagement, which is powered by Nuvera, is the most comprehensive patient support and access study in the industry co-created with HCPs for measuring HCP satisfaction”

Sample Findings: HCP Program Awareness

                       Available reports: Oncology 2019-2023, Neurology 2020-2023, Immunology 2022-2023, Patient 2021-2023, Caregiver 2023

Upcoming reports: Oncology 2024, Neurology 2024, Immunology 2024,                      Patient 2024, Rare Disease Patient 2024

We turn insights into effective patient & HCP support strategies and services to deliver a seamless treatment experience