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What is it Like to Work for Nuvera?

We are going to be honest: we work very hard, what we do is challenging but you will absolutely love it here! We are a diverse, passionate, creative and fun team, helping our clients improve the lives of people with chronic conditions and inspiring each other to be our best. We derive our passion and ability to constantly push things forward from rewarding work as well as fulfilling personal pursuits that range from raising children to traveling around the world to summiting Denali.
We think you’ll be proud of the ways –little and large –in which you can improve the lives of others while at Nuvera. We also think you’ll find our refreshing atmosphere a productive place to grow your career, network and friendships.

As Nuvera continues to grow, we are searching for top talent across the nation.

Core Values


Humor & Humility

Unearth HUMOR in everyday moments
Let HUMILITY act as a guide; welcome ideas from any avenue


Creativity & Learning

Etch an indelible imprint; CREATE with an OPEN MIND
Seek to LEARN & EVOLVE from each new experience; nurture personal growth



Incite PASSION within all endeavors
Offer abundant ENCOURAGEMENT



Serve as DEPENDABLE colleagues and partners
Practice TRANSPARENCY & RESPECTFULNESS; extend courtesy with every exchange

Inc. 5000
therapeutic areas
Pharma companies

Words from our Team

"A boutique consulting firm like Nuvera, with its tight-knit, collaborative and invigorating environment, provides the perfect platform for me to learn and grow in the field of life science consulting. The ability to leverage my background to positively impact the challenging healthcare landscape while prioritizing the patients’ journey throughout, is extremely rewarding."
Deepika R.
"At some point in your career, people you work with and the actual work you do on a daily basis become the most important factors. Nuvera gives me both. Our team is absolutely amazing! They are creative and intelligent but at he same time humble, easy going, fun and very supportive. The work we do positively impacts lives of people with chronic conditions. We all know how hard it can be to navigate the healthcare system. By focusing on improving patient care coordination and experience we hope to make the lives of these people a little easier."
Eugenia K.
"Throughout my time working in the pharmaceutical industry I've seen that by deeply understanding the 'patient journey' and creating solutions for the 'moments that matter' an organization can directly impact the lives of patient, caregivers, and HCPs. I, like almost everyone, have had friends and family members impacted by significant illness. With my experience I could help them navigate our complex healthcare system. The Nuvera mission is to help clients create programs and capabilities to deliver a seamless treatment experience so more patients can access available resources – this makes me excited to work with clients to deliver these patient-centric solutions."
Ed G.
"At Nuvera, I have been able to contribute to improving patient and caregiver experiences through innovative support programs for some of the most promising and revolutionary therapies in the specialty products space. This, combined with an intelligent, energetic, passionate, and driven team which truly cares about making sure patients can get on and stay on life altering therapies, motivates me every day to continue working and giving my best."
Deepti A. K
Sr. Consultant
"The Nuvera Team is a small, diverse collective of bright individuals that each bring something unique to the table. We thrive together through collaboration, and the meaningful/purposeful work we do is only enhanced through the appreciation of, and relationships with our team members."
Carlo C.