Nuvera welcomes Ash Chidirala to the Team!

Ash Joins Nuvera!

Nuvera is excited to welcome a new employee, Ash Chidirala!

Background: Ash has an undergraduate degree in Biomedical Engineering (Rutgers) and a masters degree in Innovation and Management (Tufts University). She has research experience in spinal cord injury rehabilitation and noninvasive optical imaging of the nervous system. During her masters Ash worked to build on her engineering background by iteratively working on projects to create innovative solutions with both business and technical feasibility. Prior to joining Nuvera Ash worked at a biotech startup developing and strategizing market entry for a rapid cervical cancer detection test.

Interests: In her spare time Ash enjoys painting and playing badminton.

Why Nuvera: “The team at Nuvera is passionate about contributing to greater quality of care, and they have a track record of working on projects that make life-saving medications more accessible to people. It’s incredible to know that as a member of this team I can play a small part in that.”

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