The global pandemic has changed almost everything, pushing (or more like shoving) companies to adjust how they work in this new ‘distanced’ environment. For those fortunate enough to continue working in a virtual format, you may face some challenges!

A virtual meeting like this is common place these days. Thankfully, Nuvera was poised to handle the conversion to full-time work from home due to its regular schedule of working remote 2 days a week. But more importantly, we have a team of people that truly care about each other.

Working from home definitely has it perks from an easy commute into the next room, going seriously casual (e.g.  wearing sweatpants more often than not), spending more quality time with family, or having the extra time to catch up on the latest movies and TV shows. The opportunity to learn new ways of working (especially messing with virtual backgrounds, etc.) doesn’t hurt either.

But being separated from live interactions with a team can be challenging as well. Our team is missing the comradery of sharing ideas and best practices spur of the moment when together in the office, leveraging whitewalls to strategize on difficult programs, or playing a heated game of foosball. These activities, at first, might seem like distractions, but they often prove to be a productive mini-break to help revitalize all of us.

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