Nuvera’s Takeaways from CBI’s 8th Hub and SPP Model Optimization Conference

From February 22-23, 2017, CBI hosted their 8th HUB and SPP Model Optimization Conference in the history-rich city of Philadelphia, PA. Nuvera was not only proud to attend and sponsor the conference for the 4th time, but also was one of the speakers. Our mission and philosophy of delivering more than just patient support and orchestrating a holistic experience to provide a better foundation for patients and HCPs resonated very well with the attendees.

CBI’s specific focus this year was to bring together Manufacturers, HUB Service Providers and Data/Technology Providers together in order to create an environment where all who are involved in patient services could share and ideate on ways not only to enhance the patient care and support, but also to effectively connect the support to improved outcomes. Some of the key themes throughout the conference focused on:

  • Program Design is the Essential First Step in Successful Holistic Support – Allowing for ample time to design and build a program is key to implementation and operationalization as it allows the brand to focus on not only the needs of the patient but also on the specific patient population’s preferences to understand how they can access and utilize the services offered
  • White Glove Service is the Desired Direction for Patient Support– The term “White Glove” was used freely in several presentations, but few provided a definition of what this means specifically to the patient. Through conversations with other attendees, many concluded that while we all have the patient in mind when offering this up as the gold-standard for support, perhaps “White Glove” needs to be more clearly defined
  • Technology and Data Integration to Play an Important Role in Evolution of Hubs– Technology became an underlying theme throughout the conference as a backbone to building programs, offering services to patients, and allowing access to patient health records regardless of how many and where the patient is treated. EHR integration to patient support offerings was touted as the next significant step in technology advancement in patient support
  • Compliance Should be Considered Consistently During Program Build & Execution– Often overlooked, but potentially one of the most vital elements of designing, building and implementing patient support programs pertain to the legality and compliance of the programs. All manufactures need to put controls in place that ensure compliance standards are met across the spectrum of the program including but not limited to the stakeholders involved in the design and implementation of the program, the manner in which the patient is enrolled and the method the program is communicated to the HCPs or end-users
  • Patient Education Needs to be an Integral Component of Any Program – Ensuring patients can understand their benefits, medical vs. pharmacy, plans offered (high-deductible health plans) and market impact such as the Affordable Care and potential future changes to the market plays a key role in continued access to the drug

CBI’s 8th HUB and SPP Model Optimization Conference garnered an atmosphere of progressive thinking, creativity, and, most importantly, compassion for the patients we all serve.

About Nuvera:

Nuvera dedicates itself to helping specialty pharmaceutical, biotech and rare disease companies to design and deliver a seamless patient and HCP experience for specialty therapies. Over the last 8 years, Nuvera has helped over 15 pharmaceutical companies to create and implement leading Patient-Centric solutions across 24 specialty therapeutic areas that received over 10 U.S. and Global excellence awards.

Nuvera services include the following:
• Uncover and crystalize patient and healthcare provider (HCP) needs
• Design impactful patient/HCP support experiences
• Build patient support programs and capabilities
• Optimize program performance

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