Nuvera Presents at CBI’s 8th Hub & SPP Model Optimization Conference in Philadelphia, Feb 22

Don’t Just Deliver Support, Orchestrate an Experience! We are excited to speak at CBI’s 8th Hub and SPP Model Optimization Conference in Philadelphia, February 22-23. Join us as we discuss what it takes to build the right patient experience.

If you can’t make it to the conference, please stay tuned! We will post a summary of our presentation and the conference highlights on our blog.

About Nuvera:

Nuvera dedicates itself to helping specialty pharmaceutical, biotech and rare disease companies to design and deliver a seamless patient and HCP experience for specialty therapies. Over the last 8 years, Nuvera has helped over 15 pharmaceutical companies to create and implement leading Patient-Centric solutions across 24 specialty therapeutic areas that received over 10 U.S. and Global excellence awards.

Nuvera services include the following:
• Uncover and crystalize patient and healthcare provider (HCP) needs
• Design impactful patient/HCP support experiences
• Build patient support programs and capabilities
• Optimize program performance

To learn more, please visit

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