Key Takeaways From CBI’s Patient Engagement Solutions Summit

Recently, Nuvera was proud to sponsor CBI’s Patient Engagement Summit held June 21-22 in Princeton, NJ. CBI works hard to bring together a fantastic cross-selection of healthcare professionals to discuss the key issues facing our respective businesses, and the session on Patient Engagement continued in this tradition.

We are happy to share the key takeaways as well as our approach to defining the right Patient Engagement and Support Model:

  • Importance of Patient Engagement: It seems obvious when said, but the more patients are involved with their care decisions, the greater chance they have for positive treatment outcomes. However, enabling and tracking how successful we are in engaging patients is an ongoing challenge. From payer restrictions on covered therapies, to limited care appointments, patients may consistently feel as if they have little control over their treatment. All healthcare stakeholders need to focus on and develop different ways to enable patient choice, and today’s pharma/biotech companies can play a key role in providing education to patients on these choices. Combined with these efforts is the need to consistently measure overall patient engagement with their treatment – how can companies leverage patient activation measures and other techniques to measure the engagement they are driving in order to continuously improve their approach.
  • Need for Cross-Industry Partnership: Although not directly discussed during the conference, it is clear that stakeholders across the healthcare spectrum need to come together to determine the best way to work together in supporting patients. Everyone from hospitals, to pharmacies, payers, and pharma are attempting to assist the patient, but none are effectively coordinating their efforts with others yet, and ultimately are creating ‘over choice’ fatigue within patient populations.
  • Continued Urgency for E-Integration: Patient health records continue to be unacceptably fragmented due to ongoing interpretation and ambiguity around a way to effectively balance privacy laws/requirements with the appropriate sharing of patient data. A need still exists for governing agencies to define and set forth standards various EMR and sharing platforms can follow that allow for significant acceleration in the integration of patient data. This ability is essential to truly moving towards optimal treatment outcomes, and still looks to be far into the future before it will come to pass.

Is your Patient Support Program exceeding patient & healthcare provider expectations? How is your Program evolving to meet their changing needs?

Please read our post: Nuvera’s Approach to Defining the Right Patient Engagement and Support Model

About Nuvera:

Nuvera dedicates itself to helping specialty pharmaceutical, biotech and rare disease companies to design and deliver a seamless patient and HCP experience for specialty therapies. Over the last 8 years, Nuvera has helped over 15 pharmaceutical companies to create and implement leading Patient-Centric solutions across 24 specialty therapeutic areas that received over 10 U.S. and Global excellence awards.

Nuvera services include the following:
• Uncover and crystalize patient and healthcare provider (HCP) needs
• Design impactful patient/HCP support experiences
• Build patient support programs and capabilities
• Optimize program performance

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