Welcome to the Team, Anisha!

Nuvera is excited to welcome a new employee, Anisha Bhatnagar!

Anisha recently graduated with her Master of Healthcare Business and Innovation from the University of Pennsylvania. She has both global and US experience in market research, market access, organizational strategy, and advisory board planning and execution. Anisha has experience in therapeutic areas including oncology, central nervous system, women’s health, and digital therapeutics. She has previously worked in digital health for major hospital systems and product innovation, process enhancement, and strategy for life sciences companies. In her spare time, Anisha enjoys volunteering, being an NYC foodie, playing with her cat, and spending time with friends and family.

Motivation for Joining Nuvera

“As someone who went to school for Healthcare Innovation and proactively believes in improving the future of healthcare, it excites me to work with pharmaceutical and biotech companies to improve their patient-centric capabilities and treatment architecture. Nuvera’s cutting edge approach to improving the treatment experience through intersectional, data-driven, and client-based strategies makes me excited to become a Nuverian!”

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