Meet The Squad: A Personal Glimpse into Our Team

We are kicking off 2022 by introducing you to Aaron Sunil. Aaron in a Senior Analyst and share a bit more about himself.

What’s your go-to productivity trick? Mini-breaks. Before my work-day starts, I’ll plan out all the major goals and objective’s I want to accomplish during the day with a rough deadline (ex – slide deck 1 by 10am, etc). When I finish my goal, I’ll usually take 5 – 10 minutes to walk around, read the news, or socialize, just to clear my head before getting into the next task. Additionally, I try to plan my heaviest workloads in the morning, when I feel most productive.

What’s a trip that changed you, and why? When I was a junior in high school, I spent almost a month traveling solo across the continental United States during the summer. I started in DC and stayed in a variety of cities – Chicago, Milwaukee, Seattle, Denver, just to name a few. America is so vast and expansive, with amazing history and gorgeous sights. During my trip, I had the opportunity to make friends with interesting people in each city, some locals and some tourists.

For me, it was the first time I had travelled alone, so that opportunity itself was amazing. The big takeaway I got from that trip was the importance of perspective – people have such rich and diverse backgrounds and the way I look at/approach something may not be the same as another. It’s something I try to be consciously aware of today, even in my work.

What’s one thing most people don’t know about you? Dua Lipa’s music is my guilty pleasure (truth).

What’s your favorite sport to watch and which team do you root for? Soccer for sure – always been a big Arsenal fan since childhood. Played soccer my whole life and had some family in Islington, London so becoming a fan was very natural. You can often find me waking up early to watch games or wearing Arsenal shirts when I work from home on game days.

What’s a work-related accomplishment that you’re really proud of? Being promoted to a senior analyst last year! I joined Nuvera as an analyst so to have been promoted and given more responsibilities was a big accomplishment for me. It’s allowed me to take a larger role on select projects and gain additional knowledge about the pharma industry through the projects I’ve been on.

What book are you reading now? I’ve been making my way down the Temperance Brennen series by Kathy Reichs – they’re a series of murder mystery books told from the perspective of the forensic anthropologist on the case. The books can be a little formulaic, but the author does a good job of building suspense and I enjoy the anatomic detail she gets into. I did say my background was in STEM, right?

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