We are Excited to Have Emma Zhu Join the Nuvera Team!

Emma graduated from Indiana University with both M.B.A. degree in Financial Accounting and B.S. degree in Accounting at Kelley School of Business. Emma is passionate in problem solving and bringing solutions to clients. Throughout her school years, she had multiple internship experiences in public accounting firms and banks. She also helped Indiana University to develop an evergreen fund that aims providing ample support for research projects at university-wide level.

Emma is from Chengdu, China, where the city is famous for a leisure lifestyle and spicy food. Therefore, she indulges her free time in traveling, spotting new restaurants, hanging out with friends and playing Mahjong. Also, Emma has been very passionate in art since little. She is currently learning watercolor and sketching that hopefully one day, there are some works that are decent enough to be seen in public.

Motivation for Joining Nuvera

“I have always had the passion of helping people and wanted to provide help with my professional and technical skills. I enjoyed that my experience in public accounting and banks helped me gain the business side of the operations. Later in college, I have realized I want to contribute more to the industry and society and that is when I started to look into health care industry. I believe joining Nuvera gives me a chance of helping clients and patients but also brining on the business savvy into the solutions. Additionally, Nuvera has a great company culture that we are constantly looking out for each other to grow and learn. With that being said, I am very excited to join the team!”

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