The Final Chapter of Nuvera’ s Infographic Series on Autologous Cell Therapies: The Technology Ecosystem (Part 5)

Will your technology infrastructure enable the success of your #CellTherapy? In this final installment of Nuvera’s Autologous Cell Therapy (ACT) infographic series, we address the likely systems and databases that will connect your internal processes and stakeholders to deliver a seamless patient/HCP treatment experience.

When considering the breadth of both internal/external stakeholders, the myriad activities needing to be managed through ACT use, and the various data & materials that need to be readily available, the technology ecosystem to accomplish all of this quickly becomes overly complex. As companies prepare for the commercialization of their ACTs, we can’t urge them enough to get a head start on mapping what they want to accomplish and prioritizing which pieces come first. Our final infographic will help get you started by highlighting key concepts that will need to be addressed as you begin your design journey.

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Who We Are: Nuvera LLC is a strategic consulting team focused exclusively on the rare disease and specialty therapeutics with over 10 years in helping our specialty pharma/biotech clients design exceptional treatment support experiences.

Note on Printing this Infographic: The optimal printing size for this graphic is 11×17 inch paper.

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