Considerations for the Order Management of Autologous Cell Therapies (Part 4 of Nuvera’s ACT Series)

How easy is it to order your #celltherapy? Unlike off-the-shelf products, Autologous Cell Therapies are made to order for each individual patient – successful   and seamless delivery will depend on your ability to map out and clearly understand all the complexities.

This fourth installment of our series focuses on several critical considerations manufacturers must keep in mind as they navigate the complex process of managing individual patient orders from before order placement until final product delivery. The image below can serve as a reference to stimulate thinking during planning & strategy discussions across Marketing, Operations, and Supply Chain & Manufacturing teams.

Who We Are: Nuvera LLC is a strategic consulting team focused exclusively on the rare disease and specialty therapeutics with over 10 years in helping our specialty pharma/biotech clients design exceptional treatment support experiences.

Note on Printing this Infographic: The optimal printing size for this graphic is 11×17 inch paper.

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