Nuvera is Excited to Welcome New Employee, Lindy Vicari!

Lindy graduated from Boston College’s Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences with a B.S. in Biochemistry. He is passionate about life sciences and biotechnology, specifically where innovation and market trends intersect to drive new solutions while also enriching the patient experience. Prior to graduation, Lindy held summer internships in the pharmaceutical and healthcare spaces and conducted biomechanics research for the Kenaley Lab in Boston College’s Biology Department. Before coming to Nuvera, Lindy worked as a laboratory technician in the material test lab at Teleflex.

Lindy is originally from eastern Pennsylvania. After playing competitive ice hockey for almost 20 years, he now enjoys golfing with his friends and riding his bike outdoors. He is an avid explorer, and looks forward to visiting new hiking mountains and trails in the Northeast and Midwest this summer. He is also a lover of games and puzzles, and rarely goes a day without completing the latest Wordle or Sudoku puzzle. 

Motivation for Joining Nuvera

I have a passion for improving the quality-of-care patients receive along their treatment journeys. During an internship at Shriners Children’s Hospital in Philadelphia, I witnessed first-hand the dedication and compassion it requires to not only help patients realize health milestones but also tackle the complexities of healthcare administration, education, access, and delivery. It takes a lot of creativity and personalized planning to craft the best patient experience, and this is how Nuvera approaches the work it does for its clients every day. I was excited by the opportunity to be on the strategic side of breaking down care barriers while also immersing myself in a culture of patient-centricity. I am thrilled to learn and grow alongside respected leaders in the healthcare space!

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