Exploring the Stakeholders Involved with Enabling Autologous Cell Therapies (Part 3)

How well have you mapped the stakeholders and functions involved with enabling the successful order, delivery, and infusion of your ACT product? Unlike traditional specialty products, even more sophisticated specialty therapeutics, the range of stakeholder functions involved with ACTs are much more extensive.

  In our 3rd Infographic of a five part series, we layout the key stakeholder functions that will need to be addressed/incorporated in some way into your commercialization planning. Leveraging your potential customer stakeholder functions to then explore the varied needs existing across each can then also lead to the holistic development of your customer needs sets… and your ultimate customer engagement model.

Who We Are: Nuvera LLC is a strategic consulting team focused exclusively on the rare disease and specialty therapeutics with over 10 years in helping our specialty pharma/biotech clients design exceptional treatment support experiences.

Note on Printing this Infographic: The optimal printing size for this graphic is 11×17 inch paper.

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