Defining the Right Patient Engagement and Support Model

Patient Engagement is not a luxury driven by patient expectations, it is a pre-requisite to sustaining improved health outcomes. When it comes to Patient Engagement, there is no one-solution or one-size-fits-all. A number of factors from patient needs and therapeutic area to brand’s clinical attributes and market conditions determine the right Patient Engagement Model.

SUPPORT PROGRAM ARCHETYPES holistically account for the above factors and engage patients and HCPs in a way that facilitates therapy initiation, administration and adherence.

Patient Support Program Archetypes

Sample factors that determine the right Archetype for your brand/patient/HCP needs:

  • Challenges created/not addressed by your products attributes & disease state
  • Complexity of, and number of different support elements needed to ensure successful treatment outcomes (Dx, monitoring, dosage, administration, etc.)
  • Patient population, behavioral segmentation and resulting needs
  • Existing competitive patient/HCP support efforts
  • Anticipated patient volume & duration of therapy
  • Internal and external partner capabilities to deliver the support experience

Is your program exceeding patient & healthcare provider expectations?
How is your program evolving to meet their changing needs?

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About Nuvera: Nuvera is a leader in the design and implementation of Patient & HCP support services. We enhance the patient experience by facilitating therapy initiation, administration, and ongoing adherence. We’ve built multiple award-winning patient support strategies and capabilities at both corporate and brand levels.

Nuvera excels in providing the following services to enable organizations and brands to create exceptional patient/HCP experiences:

  • Distilling Available Data into Key Actionable Insights Across the Treatment Journey
  • Designing a Seamless Combination of the Support Services to Meet Exposed Needs
  • Building Capabilities that Deliver a Flawless Treatment Experience
  • Establishing Continuous Customer Insights & Optimization Approaches

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