Nuvera’s PURE Report announces 2023 “best-in-class” pharmaceutical patient support and access programs in oncology and neurology

Bristol Myers Squibb and Genentech won their respective therapeutic areas for this year’s annual award.

Nuvera Life Science Consulting is pleased to announce its third annual awards for the pharmaceutical companies designated as “best-in-class” in patient support and access by physicians and support staff surveyed for the company’s 2023 PURE Reports: Bristol Myers Squibb in oncology and Genentech in neurology.

Pharmaceutical companies achieve best-in-class status in patient support and access based on the results gained from a research methodology using unaided and aided responses across seven indices in each of the therapeutic categories. This year a total of 625 physicians and 1,326 support staff participated in the national survey including the therapeutic categories of oncology and neurology.

In the field of oncology, Bristol Myers Squibb was recognized as the overall best company for its portfolio of drugs in both its hematology and solid tumor offerings. Technology is one of the areas both franchises excelled and received top scores due to their ability to leverage technology to enhance the customer experience. Technology features can also create a perception of ease of use which is an attribute that drives program utilization.

Genentech achieved best-in-class status in neurology for 2023. Genentech received top scores in every rated category from both the neurologists and their support staff. They were perceived as offering a broader set of services, where they go above and beyond the industry standard to provide superior services, ensuring that patients can make it to the treatment location and afford the therapy.

Jens Kulstad, Head of PURE Report noted: “We started this ‘Best-in-Class’ award as a way to highlight those companies viewed as the gold standard in patient support and access by the physicians and the support staff, so that other companies can see how to improve their services, eventually lifting up those in the entire therapeutic category to deliver better support.”

Nuvera publishes its PURE (Patient services Utilization, Recognition and Experience) Reports annually to serve as independent, industry benchmarks of patient and HCP satisfaction, utilization, and evolving needs across patient support programs to enable pharma and biotech companies to deliver an enhanced patient and HCP experience. The PURE reports are the only independent studies co-created with HCPs to measure HCP satisfaction. Over 6,200 providers and 1,700 patients have been surveyed since the therapeutic area and patient-focused PURE Reports were first published in 2019 resulting in scoring and ranking of approximately 25 pharmaceutical companies per therapeutic area.

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