Nuvera Welcomes John Ahn to the Team!

John earned his bachelor’s in chemistry from Boston College. He then graduated from Thomas Jefferson University with a doctorate in pharmacy. During his time in graduate school, he was an intern in CVS and had rotations in a variety of healthcare settings, from the bone marrow transplant unit in a hospital to a business coalition on health. His interest in the industry side of pharmaceutics burgeoned while he was treasurer of his school’s International Society for Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research chapter.

Outside his professional life, John enjoys listening to podcasts, convincing his friends and family to adopt a pet, and finishing dead last in his fantasy football league every year.

Motivation for joining Nuvera:

     “In the clinical setting, you see the care and attention providers show to individual patients. Unfortunately, those same providers aren’t typically involved in direct systemic improvement of the healthcare structure under which they operate. I wanted to take the passion they had and bring it to the top of pharmaceutical companies’ minds.

Nuvera is focused on the specialty medication population. Patients who need these products tend to need the most care. Not only do I get the opportunity to create effective product services for these underserved populations, but I also show that placing patients at the center of our priorities leads to a better world for all healthcare stakeholders.”

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