Nuvera Shares Key Insights to Boost Patient Support Program Satisfaction and Utilization

Nuvera team members, Edward Gajewski and Jens Kulstad, hosted an informative webinar that leveraged insights gathered from over 2,000 HCPs and patients discussing where and how they learn about support and how it impacts patient satisfaction in today’s changing landscape.

We had a great turn out live but incase you missed the event we have provided the recorded conversation below and the key learnings.

  1. How to Improve Program Awareness – Understand channels and drivers for pharma support program awareness among HCPs
  2. Drive Satisfaction With COVID-19 – Learn more about the impact COVID-19 had on the industry and translatable learning to your program
  3. Create Persistent and Sustained Refinements – Discover ways to ensure ongoing & continuous support program improvements.

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