Introducing Nuvera’s Infographic Series on Autologous Cell Therapies (Part 1)

Commercializing a CAR-T or other #Celltherapy? Nuvera is excited to share a newly developed series touching upon several commercialization issues surrounding Autologous Cell Therapies (ACTs) based upon over six years of direct experience partnering with multiple ACT manufacturers in helping to bring these amazing therapies to market.

This first installment of our series introduces several key concepts across four key ACT concepts: 1) The complexities of the overall treatment experience, 2) the multitude of stakeholders to consider, 3) steps of managing an intricate product utilization process, and finally, 4) the robust technology ecosystem required to enable commercialization.

In the coming weeks, Nuvera will share more detailed infographics aligned to the four areas described above. In the meantime, this snapshot can help stimulate potential thinking and internal dialog around where your company may need to focus next.

Note on Printing this Infographic: The optimal printing size for this graphic is 11×17 inch paper.

Who We Are: Nuvera LLC is a strategic consulting team focused exclusively on the rare disease and specialty therapeutics with over 10 years in helping our specialty pharma/biotech clients design exceptional treatment support experiences.

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