Nuvera Partners with Insmed and Asembia to Speak About End-to-End Patient Experience Solutions at the 2018 Asembia Summit.

As an industry leader in cutting edge 2018_5_Nuvera_Presents_Asembia_Summit patient support solutions, Nuvera Life Science was honored to receive an invitation to speak at the 2018 Asembia Specialty Pharmacy Summit. Especially rare was the opportunity to partner and co-present with our client Insmed and Asembia to deliver a case study on “The Approach & Technology to Design a Rare Disease Patient Experience.” The case study unveils an end-to-end solution for designing and implementing a meaningful patient experience and highlights the collaboration that took place among a strategy consulting company, a manufacturer and a HUB services provider.

Overall, there was a high level of engagement and reactions were positive to see the amount of effort this manufacturer put into thoughtful design and the tools utilized to align an organization and bring it all to life. From initial strategy design work, through partner selection and implementation we covered the manufacturer journey and goals to achieve their vision of delivering an outstanding patient experience.

Key questions posed by the participants were:

  • What key learnings did the manufacturer have?
    • Have a “true north” that aligns the organization across stakeholders and acts as a constant point of reference
    • Capture the patient voice to humanize an operational process
    • Be firm in your goal, but flexible in the design and iterate to meet patient needs
  • Is the approach utilized applicable outside of rare disease and launch brands?
    • The short answer – Yes, the approach has been successful across a spectrum of brand types and patient needs across the lifecycle from mass market launches to in-market optimization efforts

Nuvera is excited to continue taking concepts in patient experience and transforming them into organizational capabilities.
Feel free to reach out if you are interested in learning more about the impactful and educational time we had at this year’s Asembia Summit.

About Nuvera:

Nuvera dedicates itself to helping specialty pharmaceutical, biotech and rare disease companies to design and deliver a seamless patient and HCP experience for specialty therapies. Over the last 8 years, Nuvera has helped over 15 pharmaceutical companies to create and implement leading Patient-Centric solutions across 24 specialty therapeutic areas that received over 10 U.S. and Global excellence awards.

Nuvera services include the following:
• Uncover and crystalize patient and healthcare provider (HCP) needs
• Design impactful patient/HCP support experiences
• Build patient support programs and capabilities
• Optimize program performance

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