Nuvera’s Takeaways from CBI’s Hub and SPP Model Optimization Conference

CBI hosted their Hub and SPP Model Optimization Conference on February 26-27 in Philadelphia, PA. Nuvera was proud to be both a sponsor and presenter at this year’s conference. We were thrilled to present select highlights from the PURE Report – Oncology, a Patient Services customer satisfaction survey conducted in the oncology segment. PURE stands for Patient services Utilization, Recognition and Experience.   The presentation highlighted:

  • How changing technology is impacting HCP preference in Patient Support Program (PSS) enrollment and communication
  • The value of the various communication channels in gaining awareness of PSS
  • The attributes of Best-in-Class and Worst-in-Class manufacturer support in PSS

Overall, it is exciting to have quantitative insights to support strategic recommendations.

The presentation also highlighted the importance of conducting a comprehensive assessment of a manufacturers’ Patient Support Programs. Although QBRs tend to be conducted around general program performance, a comprehensive deep dive and understanding around internal strategic alignment, capturing the customer voice, establishing the right benchmarks and assessing your people and processes. All of this allows an organization to understand and address issues while they are still small.

Along with our presentation CBI focused their agenda on breakthrough strategies for compliant service model design and enhancement to improve access and outcomes. Some sessions we found to be most impactful included:

  • Regulatory Environment – A number of presentations focused on potential/proposed regulations related to American Patients First. Topics included:
    • Focus on Part B negotiations and Foreign Reference Pricing
    • Ongoing discussions on Drug Importation
    • Potential changes to step edits in Medicare protected classes
    • The significant number of individual state initiatives related to price transparency and notification on price increases
  • Legal Environment – Information presented reinforced the government’s interest in continuing to investigate potential infractions related to Anti-Kickback and False Claims Act. A few points highlighted included:
    • Looking for responsible individuals who ‘did bad things’ – not just the company
    • GDPR (general data protection in Europe) where the end user is in control of their own data
  • Changing Market Dynamics – a number of presentations were given highlighting the on-going changes in the Hub and Patient Services Space – topics included:
    • Copay Accumulators – the ongoing increase in both utilization and cost implications to manufacturers. An example provided highlighted the impact on an individual product that showed 10% of claims accounted for 50% of the overall cost of the program
    • The Role of the Nurse – reinforced the value a nurse can have on the individual patients and the importance of on-going motivational and soft skills training to ensure an effective engagement
    • Role of Technology – changes in CRM systems and ability to complete eBVs are helping to improve processing speed, better capture data and track key metrics

CBI’s 2019 Hub and SPP Model Optimization Conference provided a forum for over 150 industry stakeholders to share and exchange ideas on ways to continuously improve the patient experience.

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