Nuvera Launches the PURE Report, Establishing the Standard for Measuring HCP Satisfaction with Pharma Support Programs

PRESS RELEASE: May 9, 2019 9:32 Eastern Daylight Time

CEDAR KNOLLS, N.J.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Nuvera Life Science Consulting, an expert advisor on patient-centric experience strategies for specialty therapeutics, announces the launch of The PURE Report, the first independent, standardized, annual assessment of healthcare provider (HCP) satisfaction with pharmaceutical companies’ patient support services, including their industry rankings against competition.

The PURE Report stems from manufacturers’ unmet need to understand HCP perceptions of their services in order to improve offerings. With almost a decade of experience helping the world’s leading pharma and biotech companies deliver award-winning programs across 24 therapeutic areas, Nuvera was uniquely qualified to conduct the research necessary to fill this knowledge gap.

The PURE Report consists of two separate parts: a syndicated research report, which interprets input from 400 HCPs and support staff to reveal customer perceptions, needs and preferred manufacturer programs; and a company-dedicated section that analyzes manufacturer scores and rankings across the seven PURE indices, with a spotlight on individual companies.

This comprehensive, first-of-its kind report helps manufacturers understand evolving HCP needs, identify program strengths and weaknesses, direct resources to areas of greatest impact, know industry ranking in multiple areas, and monitor progress against the competition.

“The research exceeded our expectations and allowed us to really dig into how providers want to work with pharma support programs,” said Nuvera’s Jens Kulstad, who co-developed the report and presented the research to several manufacturers. “Some findings validated our hypotheses while others surprised both us and our clients. The power of the large and focused sample size also allowed us to look into subsegments to better understand how clients can customize their program tactics to different provider groups.”

Nuvera presented highlights from the PURE Report at the CBI’s Hub and SPP Model Optimization Conference. The first offering in this series, The PURE Report: Oncology 2019, is now available. For additional information, please see or The PURE Report: Neurology 2019 will be launched later this year.

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The PURE Report
Jens Kulstad
Manager, PURE Report

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