Nuvera is Pleased to Welcome Ashika Sreekanth to Our Growing Family!

Nuvera Life Science Consulting is excited to announce a new team member! Ashika Sreekanth has joined the Nuvera team since February 2020.

Ashika has recently graduated from a Master’s in Biotechnology from Columbia University in the city of New York. Prior to attending graduate school, Ashika started her Bachelor’s of Industrial Biotechnology from Anna University in the city of Chennai, India and completed her program in Emory University in the city of Atlanta, Georgia. Throughout her undergraduate program, Ashika held several research positions in academic institutions such as in the Stem Cell Technology Laboratory at Anna University, the Gastroenterology and Hepatology Laboratory at the University of Illinois, Chicago, the Pathology Laboratory at Emory University. She completed her Bachelor’s degree thesis on the topic of Cancer Vaccines and her Master’s degree thesis on the topic of Anti-Microbial Resistance. She carried out several research projects and obtained the “Student Innovator of the Year” grant by the Government of India in 2016. During graduate school, Ashika worked in Patient Management for and as a Research and Development Consultant for Biotia Inc. At these positions, Ashika realized her passion of working in the client facing life sciences industry. Making the switch from an academic settling to the business side, Ashika is eager to learn the ropes at Nuvera.

Ashika is very passionate about the well-being of animals and children. She was an avid volunteer at the BlueCross BlueShield Animal Rescue and taught English and Public Speaking skills at an underprivileged school. Ashika currently lives in New York City and is trying to make the most out of it. In her free time, she loves exploring the city parks, eating street food, and hitting all of the new hotspots along with her friends. She adores traveling and makes additions to her bucket list on the daily. She is proud to have checked some things off, but her ultimate goal in life is to hug a Panda.

Motivation for joining Nuvera

“Nuvera stood out to me for more reasons than one. From doing my research online, speaking to employees past and present, and experiencing it in real-life during my interviews, I came to an understanding that Nuvera puts people first. The community at Nuvera is so diverse and rich in culture. People from all different backgrounds come together cohesively and make it a work environment for which you get excited to wake up in the mornings. Nuvera also puts patients first. The work being done at Nuvera has such a strong impact on improving patient lives and assisting them during the most difficult time of their lives. This gives you a motivation and sense of purpose in life. I am excited to be a part of the Nuvera Family.”

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