Nuvera is Excited to Welcome Jordan Yang to the Team!

Jordan joined Nuvera after obtaining his Ph.D. degree in computational biology from Brown University. Throughout his tenure at Brown, he developed various statistical/computational (e.g., machine learning) models to investigate protein’s biophysical and biochemical properties, which alludes to mapping out a complete comprehension of protein evolution. He specialized in predicting the effects of protein variants via scaffolding properties using a variety of computational/theoretical approaches. Originally trained as a computational chemist in college, he matriculated at Brown in 2017, obtained a master’s degree in computer science in 2019, and subsequently a doctorate in 2022. 

Motivations for joining Nuvera

From a patient perspective, I have witnessed and experienced firsthand the intricacy and complexity of the US healthcare system, appreciated the challenges and barriers patients need to endure and overcome during their course of treatment and echoed some revolutionary changes proposed by both the government and drug manufactures. Being part of Nuvera, a consulting firm specializing in developing and optimizing patient/HCP support programs, not only do I get to work with a broad selection of specialty pharmaceutical, biotech, and rare disease companies to uncover/diagnose an entity/brand’s most critical challenges, but I also have the opportunity to develop the strategies to build, maintain, and enhance them.

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