Nuvera Continues to Grow!

Nuvera is excited to welcome a new employee, Adam Winter!

Adam joins our team after graduating with a B.S. and M.S. in Molecular and Cellular Biology from Johns Hopkins University where he received both General and Departmental Honors. Adam completed his master’s thesis in a genetics lab where he shed light on crucial unanswered questions in the field of germline gene regulation. He has also conducted a literature review on the epigenetic mechanisms that drive cancer development and therapy. During undergrad, Adam participated in a competitive Hopkins/Oxford medical research program in which he lived in the UK for a year and was mentored directly by faculty in the Department of Biochemistry at Oxford. While abroad he developed an interest in the economics of health systems and how single vs multi-payer models function.

In his free time, Adam enjoys exercising, whether by playing a game of pickup soccer or going on runs in his neighborhood. He also enjoys board games such as Chess, and Settlers of Catan, and is always interested in learning a new strategy game.

Motivation for Joining Nuvera

I was drawn to Nuvera because their work makes a tangible impact on improving the healthcare system for both patients and providers. Nuvera’s unparalleled commitment to understanding patient needs and improving their treatment experience aligns with my core values and is something I am incredibly passionate about. Moreover, I am confident that the team culture at Nuvera will provide me ample opportunities for personal growth and success.

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