Welcome to the Team!

We would like to introduce to the newest addition to the Nuvera team, Amanda Miles!

Amanda has over 20 years in the industry, with an extensive background in hub operations.  She spent over 18 years with Lash Group, an AmerisourceBergen company, where she supported an array of therapeutic areas including Neurology, Oncology, and Immunology.  Her strengths include having experience with patient assistance, copay assistance, travel assistance, distribution, and call center oversight.

She has a proven track record of listening to customer obstacles and delivering solutions that result in innovative outcomes. She has always enjoyed the challenge of working with her clients to improve the treatment experience all around; for the patient, provider and all supporting roles. Amanda is looking forward to doing this in a more direct way in her new role.

Motivation for Joining Nuvera

“During my time supporting hub operations, I’ve had the pleasure to work in tandem with Nuvera supporting various client projects several times over the years.  I’ve always enjoyed the ‘outside the box’ approach they leverage to problem solve as well as their ability to illustrate complex processes in an easily digestible way.  The cherry on top is that they clearly love the work they do, and have fun doing it!”

Nuvera Continues to Grow!

Nuvera is excited to welcome a new employee, Adam Winter!

Adam joins our team after graduating with a B.S. and M.S. in Molecular and Cellular Biology from Johns Hopkins University where he received both General and Departmental Honors. Adam completed his master’s thesis in a genetics lab where he shed light on crucial unanswered questions in the field of germline gene regulation. He has also conducted a literature review on the epigenetic mechanisms that drive cancer development and therapy. During undergrad, Adam participated in a competitive Hopkins/Oxford medical research program in which he lived in the UK for a year and was mentored directly by faculty in the Department of Biochemistry at Oxford. While abroad he developed an interest in the economics of health systems and how single vs multi-payer models function.

In his free time, Adam enjoys exercising, whether by playing a game of pickup soccer or going on runs in his neighborhood. He also enjoys board games such as Chess, and Settlers of Catan, and is always interested in learning a new strategy game.

Motivation for Joining Nuvera

I was drawn to Nuvera because their work makes a tangible impact on improving the healthcare system for both patients and providers. Nuvera’s unparalleled commitment to understanding patient needs and improving their treatment experience aligns with my core values and is something I am incredibly passionate about. Moreover, I am confident that the team culture at Nuvera will provide me ample opportunities for personal growth and success.

New Era for Nuvera

New Office Grand Opening

We moved into a new and larger office space!

Given the growth of our team over the past year, we were excited to open our new office in December.

The new space offers more individual work stations, collaborative areas for project teams to work together, and we didn’t forget our always competitive foosball table.

Nuvera is Excited to Welcome Khadija Kamara to the Team!

Khadija recently graduated with her Master of Public Health from NYU. She has international and domestic experience designing and implementing health strategies in vulnerable communities. She previously was the Lead Epidemiologist for Daycare COVID-19 investigations at the Palm Beach County Department of Health. She is passionate about client based, data driven, sustainable health strategies. She possesses experience designing and implementing sustainable development projects such as building waste infrastructure in a slum community and distributing reusable menstrual pads. In her spare time, Khadija enjoys cooking, traveling and spending time with friends and family.

Motivation for Joining Nuvera

“As a public health practitioner, it excites me to build the future of healthcare with Nuvera. Nuvera’s cutting edge approach to improving the treatment experience through intersectional, data-driven, and client based strategies makes me excited to become a Nuverian!”

Nuvera Continues to Grow!

Nuvera is excited to welcome a new employee, Nicardo Cameron!

Nicardo joined Nuvera after spending two years as a founding Biology and Environmental Science teacher at the Urban Assembly Charter School for Computer Science (Comp Sci High) in the South Bronx. Prior to Comp Sci High, he worked as a Business Development Consultant and a Senior Research Associate- earning diversified working experiences in the consulting and academic research space. Nicardo earned his Masters of Science Degree in Biotechnology from Florida Institute of Technology, and outside of work, he enjoys traveling, reading, hiking and spending time with friends and family.

Motivation for Joining Nuvera

“I loved research. I loved teaching. However, I didn’t want to be confined to the four walls of a laboratory or a classroom. I wanted to make a more direct in the healthcare industry where my expertise will help a diverse customer group, enabling them to focus on their essential business needs. I find in Nuvera, a place where I can make this direct impact. I want to work with a team that is committed to tackling the needs of patients, and optimizing their treatment experience. The opportunity to solve complex problems while keeping the patient at the center of the process- is truly rewarding.”

Nuvera is Excited to Welcome Sam Hudson to the Team!

Sam joins the team after completing his MBA from The Vanderbilt Owen Graduate School of Management. With concentrations in Healthcare, Strategy, and Operations, Sam brings his enthusiastic experience to the team as a Senior Analyst. Prior to Vanderbilt, Sam worked in academic research studying cancer genetics. Driven by a personal and professional interest in the life sciences, Sam strives to constantly learn and engage this ever-evolving industry.

In his free time Sam enjoys cooking and eating great food and is always on the hunt for new recipes and restaurants. He enjoys games of all types, whether on the computer or the tabletop as they are a good way to have fun with friends in a competitive or cooperative context. As venues have progressively re-opened Sam has been found at concerts and art galleries alike enjoying all that the community has to offer.

Motivation for Joining Nuvera

“Nuvera was a perfect mix of factors I was interested in when considering post-graduation career options. Foremost, the work being done providing clients with the tools they need to build successful patient-centric support programs is very rewarding and impactful. Also, the organization size allows for highly educational and engaging relationship building. Finally, I’m excited to grow my professional skills at the same rate with which the company is growing.”

Nuvera is Excited to Welcome Hanna Jin to the Team!

As Nuvera continues to grow, we are happy to introduce you to Hanna.

Hanna is joining Nuvera after recently earning her MBA from Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business with a Certificate in Health Sector Management (HSM). Last summer, she completed her MBA internship with Alexion’s Global Product Communications team. Prior to Duke, Hanna obtained a Master of Law in Chinese Politics, Foreign Policy, and International Relations from Tsinghua University and a Bachelor of Arts in Transcultural Communications in English/Spanish from the University of Graz. Hanna has extensive experience in the PR and government affairs space. In her last role, she advised a wide range of Fortune 500 clients, including Procter & Gamble and Mead Johnson, on how to position their brands in the China market.

Hanna was born and raised in Graz, Austria, while her family is originally from China. Growing up between two worlds, she’s always had a natural curiosity for other cultures and a passion for learning foreign languages. She now speaks five languages and has lived in five countries. In her free time, Hanna enjoys the simple things in life: exploring a new travel destination, testing out a hiking trail, finding an exciting read, marveling at beautiful art at the Met or MoMA or enjoying good (homemade) food in good company.

Motivation for Joining Nuvera

“Growing up my grandma – a pre-med pharmacy professor – has been one of the biggest influences in my life. Her empathy and kindness towards others, as well as knowledge of medical science and strive towards excellence, have inspired me and made me the person I am today. My main motivation for obtaining an MBA at Duke was to learn about the underlying complexities of the U.S. healthcare market and what challenges both patients and manufacturers face. I wanted to be part of the solution and find a purpose-driven organization where my contributions can make a meaningful and positive difference on people’s lives. I am so excited to join the Nuvera family and grateful for the rare opportunity to help create and shape support programs and resources for a better patient experience.” 

Nuvera Continues to Grow!

Nuvera is excited to welcome, Natalie Gier, to the team!

Natalie joins our team as a new graduate from the Cornell University Class of 2022 where she obtained a Bachelor’s of Science in Human Development with a focus in the life sciences, neurology, infectious diseases, and healthcare policy/disparities. During her time as an undergraduate, she worked as a part-time hospital aide in the intensive care unit at Cayuga Medical Center. Additionally, she worked as a tutor for Student Agencies Tutoring where she assisted high school and college students with their coursework in statistics, physics, and life sciences. In her last two years of college, Natalie served as the team leader as an undergraduate research assistant of the Killing The Oblivious project within the Cornell Child Witness and Cognition Lab.

Within her free time, Natalie is an active clinical volunteer within the Atlantic Health System. She enjoys staying busy outside whether it be taking a walk, hiking, enjoying a day at the lake, playing beach volleyball, or traveling the world. She also enjoys playing the violin, which she has been doing since the age of 3.   

Motivation for Joining Nuvera

“I was drawn to Nuvera because of their passion for assisting clients in delivering robust and meaningful patient experiences. I am impressed with Nuvera’s team of highly skilled, knowledgeable, and driven individuals who are eager to make a difference in healthcare as the world continues to advance in biomedical treatments and engineering. It quickly became clear to me that this company would be a place where I can work among extremely talented individuals who are focused on delivering meaningful changes. I am excited to share my knowledge and skills to drive the future of healthcare forward while keeping our patients at the forefront of the voyage”.

Nuvera Continues to Grow!

We are excited to welcome Rachad Al Ameen to the team!

Rachad earned his MBA from the Ross Business School at the University of Michigan in 2022. Prior to Ross, he completed his PharmD and Bachelor of Health Science from the Eugene Applebaum School of Pharmacy at Wayne State University. Rachad has an extensive background in community pharmacy. After graduating from pharmacy school, he worked at CVS health and then went on to establish an independent pharmacy in Ann Arbor where he aimed to deliver high quality care to the citizens of his town and provide them with the knowledge to take control of their health and lead a healthy life. Throughout his MBA, he had multiple internship experiences with Cardinal Health and Sumaq.

Rachad was born and raised in Lebanon and moved to the US after he completed his high school. He is a big fan of soccer and plays it regularly with his friends. Rachad loves to hike, visit new places and travel with his wife (visited 14 countries so far).

Motivation for Joining Nuvera

“My mission in life is to help people live a healthier life by providing them with the best possible healthcare and support along their journey. After working in retail pharmacy for many years and seeing the effect of my work on my patients, I wanted to expand and reach a bigger population. By joining Nuvera, a consulting company dedicated to helping its client design, build and manage a seamless patient and HCP treatment experience for rare disease and specialty therapeutics, I can achieve my mission in life and change people’s live for the better.”

Nuvera is Excited to Welcome Jordan Yang to the Team!

Jordan joined Nuvera after obtaining his Ph.D. degree in computational biology from Brown University. Throughout his tenure at Brown, he developed various statistical/computational (e.g., machine learning) models to investigate protein’s biophysical and biochemical properties, which alludes to mapping out a complete comprehension of protein evolution. He specialized in predicting the effects of protein variants via scaffolding properties using a variety of computational/theoretical approaches. Originally trained as a computational chemist in college, he matriculated at Brown in 2017, obtained a master’s degree in computer science in 2019, and subsequently a doctorate in 2022. 

Motivations for joining Nuvera

From a patient perspective, I have witnessed and experienced firsthand the intricacy and complexity of the US healthcare system, appreciated the challenges and barriers patients need to endure and overcome during their course of treatment and echoed some revolutionary changes proposed by both the government and drug manufactures. Being part of Nuvera, a consulting firm specializing in developing and optimizing patient/HCP support programs, not only do I get to work with a broad selection of specialty pharmaceutical, biotech, and rare disease companies to uncover/diagnose an entity/brand’s most critical challenges, but I also have the opportunity to develop the strategies to build, maintain, and enhance them.