Welcome to the Team, Anisha!

Nuvera is excited to welcome a new employee, Anisha Bhatnagar!

Anisha recently graduated with her Master of Healthcare Business and Innovation from the University of Pennsylvania. She has both global and US experience in market research, market access, organizational strategy, and advisory board planning and execution. Anisha has experience in therapeutic areas including oncology, central nervous system, women’s health, and digital therapeutics. She has previously worked in digital health for major hospital systems and product innovation, process enhancement, and strategy for life sciences companies. In her spare time, Anisha enjoys volunteering, being an NYC foodie, playing with her cat, and spending time with friends and family.

Motivation for Joining Nuvera

“As someone who went to school for Healthcare Innovation and proactively believes in improving the future of healthcare, it excites me to work with pharmaceutical and biotech companies to improve their patient-centric capabilities and treatment architecture. Nuvera’s cutting edge approach to improving the treatment experience through intersectional, data-driven, and client-based strategies makes me excited to become a Nuverian!”

Welcome to the Team, Fabrice!

Nuvera is excited to introduce you to one of our newest hires, Fabrice Bernard.

Fabrice joins the team after his previous role as a consultant at ClearView Healthcare Partners. During his time there, he worked closely with Pharma clients and gained experience across various stages of the product life cycle. Fabrice holds a doctorate from Georgia Tech & Emory, where he specialized in utilizing biomaterials to evaluate how cardiovascular and lymphatic function contributes to the progression of osteoarthritis. He also obtained his master’s thesis at the City College of New York, focusing on biomaterials for intervertebral disc repair.

Originally from Long Island, New York, Fabrice has spent most of his life in the greater NY metropolitan area, apart from his six-year tenure in Georgia for his doctorate. In his leisure time, Fabrice enjoys spending time with his fiancée, family, and friends and has hobbies such as music production, learning about human health and fitness, and cooking.

Motivation for Joining Nuvera

“My passion for science stems from my desire to make a difference in patient lives and improve healthcare through scientific discovery. As a consultant, I use my scientific expertise and hypothesis-driven mindset to help patients access valuable treatments. Joining the team at Nuvera allows me to collaborate with talented individuals to create opportunities for better patient outcomes. The strong sense of community and commitment to professional development at Nuvera make me excited to be a part of the team!”

MEET THE SQUAD: A Personal Glimpse into Our Team

Greetings everyone, I’m Emma and I’m thrilled to be a consultant at Nuvera! Over the past two years, I’ve had the privilege of providing strategic guidance, advice, and innovative solutions to clients in the life science industry. My managers and colleagues have been invaluable resources, constantly helping me expand my knowledge and skills in this complex field. I’m passionate about using my expertise to drive growth and innovation in the industry. When I’m not working, you can find me doting on my furry companion, honing my watercolor skills, or enjoying a glass of wine with good friends.

What’s your go-to productivity trick?

My go-to productivity trick is creating a to-do list, plugging in my headphones, and blasting some high-tempo music. While it may be a bit damaging to my hearing, I’ve found that this approach allows me to achieve a state of hyperfocus for extended periods, which is especially helpful when facing a significant workload in a limited timeframe. By prioritizing tasks and immersing myself in upbeat tunes, I’m able to tune out distractions and channel all of my energy toward completing each item on my list efficiently and effectively.

If you could add one thing to Nuvera’s office, what would it be?

If I could add one thing to Nuvera’s office, it would be a ping pong table! Although we already have a foosball table that’s great for winding down at the end of the day, I think a ping pong table would be a fantastic addition to our workplace. Not only would it provide a fun and active outlet for stress relief during the workday, but it would also encourage teamwork and friendly competition among coworkers. Additionally, ping pong is a sport that can be enjoyed by individuals of all skill levels and ages, making it an ideal addition to our office environment.

What’s one thing you’re currently trying to make a habit?

One thing I’m currently working on turning into a habit is exercise. While I haven’t always enjoyed working out, I’ve come to recognize the numerous benefits it provides, both for my physical health and my productivity. By establishing a consistent exercise routine, I find that I’m better able to structure my week and maintain a higher level of energy and focus throughout the day. While it can be challenging at times, I’m committed to making exercise a regular part of my lifestyle and reaping the rewards it offers.

If you could choose a superpower, what would it be?

If I could choose any superpower, it would be the ability to instantly absorb the contents of any book. While it might seem a bit nerdy, I’m deeply passionate about learning and expanding my knowledge. With the ability to read at lightning speed, I could consume vast amounts of information and gain valuable insights more efficiently than ever before. Whether I’m studying for work or pursuing personal interests, this superpower would give me a distinct advantage in staying informed and staying ahead of the curve.

What book are you reading now?

I’m currently reading The Outsider by Stephen King, and it’s been a wild ride so far. King’s writing always takes me on a journey full of twists, turns, and heart-pounding suspense. Even though I know I should probably be winding down before bed, I just can’t put this book down – it’s the literary equivalent of a roller coaster that keeps me on the edge of my seat. If you’re a fan of King’s work or just love a good thriller, I highly recommend checking it out.

Nuvera Takes on Italian Cooking

The Nuvera team came together last week to learn the art of Italian cooking. We had a great time taking a break from work and catching up over some delicious food. Some team members really showcased their cooking skills while others might need a bit more practice, but that is all part of the fun. The team worked together to make a mouthwatering three course meal of stuffed mushrooms, pappardelle pasta with a tomato burrata sauce or a Bolognese sauce, and rounded out the evening with chocolate tiramisu. Overall it was a fun night with some great laughs.

Welcome to the Team!

Nuvera is excited to welcome Chaitanya Sharma to our growing team!

Chaitanya joins Nuvera after graduating from Cornell University, with a Master’s in Engineering Management. He has diverse experience in Marketing Research, Biotechnology, and Brand Analytics. Having previously managed improvement programs for genome-sequencing products, at Illumina, Chaitanya is passionate about healthcare, technology, and strategic insights that drive innovation. At the SC Johnson College of Business, Chaitanya advised Mondelez on its post-pandemic digital-marketing strategy for leading CPG brands through primary and secondary market research to bolster message recall and resonance via digital assets. 

Chaitanya hails from New Delhi, India, and has lived in Vietnam and Cambodia before moving to the US for his master’s. His interests lie in photography, traveling to explore different cultures and cuisines, and watching the night sky!

Motivation for Joining Nuvera

“A lot of reflecting during the pandemic led me to aspire for a career in healthcare and life sciences to solve problems that improve lives. The opportunity at Nuvera is truly unique, where I get to deep-dive into the US healthcare system and formulate strategic insights that help our clients improve patient treatment experiences. On top of that, I get to learn from fantastic and astute individuals at an organization that works directly to improve patient lives. I cannot wait to build and grow with Nuvera.”

Welcome to the Team!

We would like to introduce to the newest addition to the Nuvera team, Amanda Miles!

Amanda has over 20 years in the industry, with an extensive background in hub operations.  She spent over 18 years with Lash Group, an AmerisourceBergen company, where she supported an array of therapeutic areas including Neurology, Oncology, and Immunology.  Her strengths include having experience with patient assistance, copay assistance, travel assistance, distribution, and call center oversight.

She has a proven track record of listening to customer obstacles and delivering solutions that result in innovative outcomes. She has always enjoyed the challenge of working with her clients to improve the treatment experience all around; for the patient, provider and all supporting roles. Amanda is looking forward to doing this in a more direct way in her new role.

Motivation for Joining Nuvera

“During my time supporting hub operations, I’ve had the pleasure to work in tandem with Nuvera supporting various client projects several times over the years.  I’ve always enjoyed the ‘outside the box’ approach they leverage to problem solve as well as their ability to illustrate complex processes in an easily digestible way.  The cherry on top is that they clearly love the work they do, and have fun doing it!”

Nuvera Continues to Grow!

Nuvera is excited to welcome a new employee, Adam Winter!

Adam joins our team after graduating with a B.S. and M.S. in Molecular and Cellular Biology from Johns Hopkins University where he received both General and Departmental Honors. Adam completed his master’s thesis in a genetics lab where he shed light on crucial unanswered questions in the field of germline gene regulation. He has also conducted a literature review on the epigenetic mechanisms that drive cancer development and therapy. During undergrad, Adam participated in a competitive Hopkins/Oxford medical research program in which he lived in the UK for a year and was mentored directly by faculty in the Department of Biochemistry at Oxford. While abroad he developed an interest in the economics of health systems and how single vs multi-payer models function.

In his free time, Adam enjoys exercising, whether by playing a game of pickup soccer or going on runs in his neighborhood. He also enjoys board games such as Chess, and Settlers of Catan, and is always interested in learning a new strategy game.

Motivation for Joining Nuvera

I was drawn to Nuvera because their work makes a tangible impact on improving the healthcare system for both patients and providers. Nuvera’s unparalleled commitment to understanding patient needs and improving their treatment experience aligns with my core values and is something I am incredibly passionate about. Moreover, I am confident that the team culture at Nuvera will provide me ample opportunities for personal growth and success.

New Era for Nuvera

New Office Grand Opening

We moved into a new and larger office space!

Given the growth of our team over the past year, we were excited to open our new office in December.

The new space offers more individual work stations, collaborative areas for project teams to work together, and we didn’t forget our always competitive foosball table.

Nuvera is Excited to Welcome Khadija Kamara to the Team!

Khadija recently graduated with her Master of Public Health from NYU. She has international and domestic experience designing and implementing health strategies in vulnerable communities. She previously was the Lead Epidemiologist for Daycare COVID-19 investigations at the Palm Beach County Department of Health. She is passionate about client based, data driven, sustainable health strategies. She possesses experience designing and implementing sustainable development projects such as building waste infrastructure in a slum community and distributing reusable menstrual pads. In her spare time, Khadija enjoys cooking, traveling and spending time with friends and family.

Motivation for Joining Nuvera

“As a public health practitioner, it excites me to build the future of healthcare with Nuvera. Nuvera’s cutting edge approach to improving the treatment experience through intersectional, data-driven, and client based strategies makes me excited to become a Nuverian!”

Nuvera Continues to Grow!

Nuvera is excited to welcome a new employee, Nicardo Cameron!

Nicardo joined Nuvera after spending two years as a founding Biology and Environmental Science teacher at the Urban Assembly Charter School for Computer Science (Comp Sci High) in the South Bronx. Prior to Comp Sci High, he worked as a Business Development Consultant and a Senior Research Associate- earning diversified working experiences in the consulting and academic research space. Nicardo earned his Masters of Science Degree in Biotechnology from Florida Institute of Technology, and outside of work, he enjoys traveling, reading, hiking and spending time with friends and family.

Motivation for Joining Nuvera

“I loved research. I loved teaching. However, I didn’t want to be confined to the four walls of a laboratory or a classroom. I wanted to make a more direct in the healthcare industry where my expertise will help a diverse customer group, enabling them to focus on their essential business needs. I find in Nuvera, a place where I can make this direct impact. I want to work with a team that is committed to tackling the needs of patients, and optimizing their treatment experience. The opportunity to solve complex problems while keeping the patient at the center of the process- is truly rewarding.”